Moment / Bridge by Mareen Fischinger

Moment / Bridge

by Mareen Fischinger

The last image of the series Moment concerns death. This might seem like ending series on a down note. Death is final. But death in art is a memento mori: “remember you are mortal”. This reflection can be a new beginning, a reason to rewrite your own story.

The whole series addresses heavy themes: sex, wrath, violence, heartbreak, death. But these themes are not the complete story. Permeating the whole series is a dark humour. And a freedom to make up your own mind regarding the story of these images.

The child in car on the bridge sees the humour. Or is not aware of the gravitas of the moment. The walking man is the one pointing us to the gruesome reality; he twists himself in an awkward way to take a look at the point where someone jumped off the bridge. Did he just pass the person? The child looking happy suggests the scene was amiable just a moment ago. But then why is the man looking so horrified? Was he talking to the jumper? Could he be accused of murder?

And what about you? What are you looking at?

Photography is about capturing the perfect moment.

So what happens when you can take Photoshop and tweak or edit that moment? Mareen Fischinger took the opportunity to construct the perfect moment from scratch.

If you can do anything you want; what makes a moment interesting to look at? I don’t think it’s the action or that it needs to be an all-defining/ clarifying moment. I think it must ignite a curiosity in us to know how it came about or how it will play out. Furthermore it needs to be relevant to our own lives or experience.

The images in the series Moment are of seemingly ordinary people in familiar settings; but the people and the settings are staged and highly edited to the point of perfection; where the illusion of a glossy perfected reality may lure us in, the drama unfolding in the picture keeps us looking. The people in the pictures are experiencing a turning point in their lives; in the very detailed and sharp pictures, details of the how and why are not available, and the pictures leave us pondering and looking…

Moment / Bridge

by Mareen Fischinger

$ 15,-

The download includes: the highest resolution of the image available, the psd source file (1.01GB) showing all adjustments and layers and several wallpaper sized versions. The PDF contains ‘making of’ photos, sketches and a thesis on staged photography.