About The File Arts

Thefilearts.com is an online gallery that sells digital art editions. The digital images created by digital artists are often not recognized as art in their own right, or are shared without a way to credit and compensate the artist. It is our goal and pleasure to provide you with high quality art that work best on screen in their digital format, and to make it easy for anyone to support the artists by donating or buying the art.

About the art

Why digital?
We are digital natives. Everything is sold digitally, music, movies, books, but not art; a lot of art is created digitally these days. We would like to offer it to you raw from the source.

What sort of files, format and resolution, etc, do you offer?
We give you the chance to get as close to the art as possible. A painting you can study from very close by, smell, turn around, feel the weight. For a lot of digital editions we supply the source files; the highest possible quality files that exist. By supplying the source files, we offer collectors an intimate encounter with the art. Besides the source files we offer high quality JPG or playable files that are appropriate for the edition and that enable you to easily use your art in different ways; as desktop pattern, playable as HD video, etc.

What can I do with the editions I buy?
You can do whatever you like with them. You can even use them as a background for your Facebook page or Twitter account if you like. The only thing you cannot do is sell them or distribute them as downloads yourselves.

Which artists do you feature?
Artists that create digitally. Both established and upcoming artists.

About pricing

What does ‘pay what you want’ mean?
It means you can pay however much you value the art to download and own the edition. We limit the amount to whole dollars to be able to cover transaction fees. You can pay nothing and download the edition. We just hope you like them so much you want to pay the artist.

Are the editions protected by DRM?

About the site

Who is behind the site/ who made this?
I am Andre Brocatus; a web designer and art enthusiast.

Why did you start this site?
I was a great fan of 20x200 from the start. I bought a lot of editions from them, but really wanted several in digital format, to use as a wallpaper or just to take a really close look at. So I started my own gallery to provide people with that opportunity to collect and really appreciate digital art.

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