David Marinos

David Marinos

David Marinos was born in 1998 from Greek and Ukranian parents. He has traveled to Germany, Spain, Russia, France, America, and Greece. Interested in color and form from an early age he discovered his passion is art and pursuit it studying 3 years in the USA and now in Europe.

His work often uses classical imagery that is transformed and energised using decidedly non-classical colours and forms. He uses collage and glitch techniques on his own and found images to create a quickly expanding body of work which has a recognisable and consistent style but has un unexpected energy making it feel fresh and dynamic.

He has had solo exhibitions in California, USA in 2010 and Plovdiv Bulgaria Moroco Gallery in 2012. He was awarded a Scholastic News Award Silver medal from New York in 2011 and the Young Arts Award California in 2012.

He currently lives and works between Athens, Greece and Plovdiv Bulgaria.

Living in:
Athens, Greece / Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Studying painting and design in Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Inspired by:
the unkown and unexplainable / installations / neon vibes / unexplainable materials / unique ideas / unexpected energy
Website: david-marinos.weebly.com
Flickr: david-marinos
Tumblr: davidmarinos.tumblr.com
Clothing line Icey clothing
Artist network (founder): lucent-kids